3d models of box gutters

often, people never see these structures up close in this stage unless they are brave enough to scale 2 stories of scaffold or ladder and stand on narrow planks. this is the box gutter or built-in gutter without sheeting. of course these follow many different framing patterns but this encapsulates the common elements of doric style entablature, and gothic or craftsmen, with square fascia, pitched soffit, etc.

simple box gutter with roof decking and gutter boards removed. the fascia is nailed up first to align all of the lookouts. once the fascia is aligned, and nailed all the lookouts are nailed into final position.
here with the “shelf” and crown molding added next. the trough is ready for pitching and gutter board.
an alternate arrangement for gable-end, showing a “yankee” gutter which is on the roof deck rather than a separate gutter on lookouts.