Reader questions: Seaming a pipe-boot

I’ve been meaning to update the site with better organization. Robert’s question and this discussion about seamed pipe boots was the motivation I needed… There are a lot of videos on Youtube, but they are mostly in foreign languages and even alphabets, making a search for trad roofing techniques very difficult for english-speakers. I’m starting to compile the best videos on a new page here:

Here’s our discussion from the Trad Roofing forum and the video another member of the group submitted to help with his journey:

Spengler TV

Spengler is the official trade name in Germany (and maybe some other countries) for metal roofing. I’ve watched this channel grow up on Youtube, and wow they have added a lot of content! Metal roofing and standing seam, are codified by law there. This means everything last longer, there are fewer repair and maintenance cost. And on the market side: it means everyone has to play by the same rules, much like a bar or medical association. They study and master the techniques in secondary school. This is miles above “on the job” training, or even union training here in the US. Since union training is still focused more on meeting the “market” production demands.

Seaming a pipe stack to a long-pan metal roof. Skip to 5:00 to see the action!