Laying brick

I’m beat. Not much else to say, just a bunch of brick today while crawling under the planks. Looking forward to standing up tomorrow…

Really glowing now after a scrub down with vinegar. Gotta cover up for the rain now and wait for the rest of our mortar to show up

Chimney work continues

Rained out completely yesterday. We still had another 16 hours of rain in the forecast this morning and I had enough watching rain fall, so I decided to throw a tarp and get some brick in. We’re right on the cusp of tempurature limitations, and it’s taking longer for each corse to cure. Still it was good to make some progress on a day that would have otherwise been a total loss.

Fall update.

I have been back and forth, and to and fro for what feels like the entire season. I’m hosting a homeless family in my 2 room apartment in Butler while they look for housing here. I have a stack of photos and videos to upload from Cincinnati, the finish of the garage project in Titusville, and some other random stuff.

I’m brain dead. Alernating between Red Scare and souljaboy mixtapes to deal with the overload for the last few weeks.

Ready to jump back into some daily writing and editing.