Decorative Copper: Euro gutters, cross finial, and chimney caps

I put an ad on craiglist, left my day job, and plunged head first into into contracting. My next commission was in a romantic revival suburb: “Senaca Park” in East Louisville.

Using the skills I had learned through study of Neubecker, I designed this cross from scratch. The previous finial was a duplication so there was not as much pattern-making involved.
Some other work on this house included Eurocraft gutters, and a few window pans.
My first chimney cap was also part of the commission: I used stainless steel for the internal framing which is wrapped in copper, and features batten-cap panels.

Later that year, I would do 2 more chimney caps, in the neighborhood for current KY governor Matt Bevin. I do not care for Mr. Bevin as a governor but as a client he was OK.

Addition chimney with some questionable brickwork
Original house, featuring traditional masonry