The Trad List

Master list of Companies/craftspeople in America that are capable of designing/fabricating fully permanent, seamed metal roofing. We call it Trad roofing!

If you would like to submit work for consideration, you can do so at the Trad Roofing forum on facebook.


Daniel G Joyce LLC,

Upstate NY Region.


Hckyso @ Insta

Kevin Roselli: Rising star, one of the first students.

Metal Solutions, LLC: New Jersey


Igor Akhmatov

Ig Great Exteriors LLC: Fairfield CT

Andrew Sanchez: Standing seam, Cornice, Slate roofing

Casa Buena Builders – Providence, Rhode Island

Coebeck Roofing, Maine


Tom Petrilli: Full service craft roofing

Lyons Contracting – Alexandria, VA


James Morris: Generational standing seam knowledge.

JNJ Roofing & Repair LLC – Scottsville, VA

(434) 286-2444

Martin Leska: Internet find, unknown.

Leska Restoration – Dayton, MD

Michael George: Michael was already well-known in his region for restoring old standing seam roofs. In 2015 he saw some of my seaming photos on instagram and started practicing.. He’s come a long way since then with many modern reproductions to show!

Virginia Traditional Roofing

Richmond, VA


John Sheridan: long-pan standing seam, and zinc cladding trainer.

Sheridan Contractors: Reading, PA

Orion Jenkins:

Jenkins Slate Masters, Grove City PA

Bonner Master Roofing – Philadelphia


Michael Lee – Lee Specialty Sheet Metal – Cincinnati OH

Dennis M. Crookshanks

Dennis M. Crookshanks Roofing, Cleaveland, OH

Mike: the only person discovered in Chicagoland doing trad roofing. Generational knowledge, old world.

Black Square Roofing

David Reinhardt – Hardt Roofing – West Virginia

Southern States

Rene Flores – Flores and Foley Roofing and Sheet Metal – Wilmington, NC

Copperworks Corp: Large capital projects. Un-wavering quality. Don’t bother Gunter unless you are ready to spend 250k plus.

Decatur, AL

Ben Phanco: Responsible for much of the better work in Copperworks Corp’s portfolio. Unwavering quality, but without all the pretense of Gunter.

Huntsville Slate & Copper

Out west:

Erno Ovari: Pressworking / turning master.. and serious fascist!

Fine Metal Roof Tech – Salt Lake City, UT


Merlin O’brecht

Merlin’s Roofing Corp.

Val-des-Monts, Quebec

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