French Style

This roof was the second stop on my tour that started in 2015. The client, Sarah Polzin is a director of training for the National Parks service. We had been introduced through my demonstrations for Preservation Trades Network.

Traditional metal roofing in the french style: This is the built-in gutter, with a pleated corner. The pleats allow the sheet to turn a corner without cutting/soldering. The downspout seam is also hand-formed similar to the seam in the bottom of a metal bucket.

Roof tailoring, in progress

Once the gutter is formed, and placed the pans go in, and starts the process of hand-hammering.

Rounded seam connects the roof corner to inside corner of gutter continuously.
Folded hips and up stands carry the whole roof surface with no laps, caps, goop, or sealant.
in progress: folding the final curbs.
The mouths now turned down, everything flowing correctly.