“The big book of the roofer on metal”

Translated by google from: http://www.krovlirussia.ru/book/texnika-dvojnogo-falca

The author is a Hungarian roofing engineer, Laszlo A. Santo. The owner of his own roofing company, who educated more than a dozen master roofers.

In his book, the author, relying on his forty-year professional experience, after ten years of computer development on the topic, offers the readers attention to the basic nodal connections of traditional roofing works on metal, carried out in digital form and put into practice. In the four-volume edition you will be able to get acquainted with the key connections of the work carried out, the prescriptions of professional rules and practical experience, supplemented by a collection of instructions, lectures and articles. 
Each volume is devoted to a separate topic, but they are all closely interrelated. This edition will be interesting, of course, to roofers, architects, designers and other market participants, working with both metal and small-piece roofing.


Volume 1. Roof water discharge, linear coatings, structures

  • Suspended roof gutters and gutters 7 – 65
  • Eaves and hidden, recessed gutters 66 – 160
  • Covering walls, overhangs for soft roofs and parapet gutters 160-210
  • Protruding designs and decorative details of the roof 210-300

Volume 2. Metal parts for roofs from small-piece materials / elements

  • Elements of cornices and gables 7 – 101
  • Elements of wall contiguity and gouge 102 – 193
  • Elements framing roofing openings 194 – 287
  • Definition of terms and designations 288 – 300

Volume 3. Seam cover

  • Eaves 7 – 95
  • Elements of wall contiguity and gouge 96 – 162
  • End strips and ridge roofing elements 163 – 240
  • Roof openings 241 – 333

Volume 4. Rack and rebate cover

  • Rack seam and cascade roofing 7 – 116
  • Facade coatings 117 – 225
  • Facing facades 226 – 287
  • Definition of terms and designations 288 – 300

The cost of the book is 12,500 rubles.

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