Photo of today: Notre Dame up close

Comrade: Alexandre Lepand who works as a roofer in France posted some photos from his personal collection of the notre dame roof up close.. Looks like it was cap-and-pan lead.

What we lost… and why it matters.

comrade Igor Konovalov

This image shows the construction of a typical French Gothic cathedral. The overcroft, the area above the vaulting (the ceiling you see when you look up) is an elaborate wood structure, often refereed to as a forest, supporting the roof. Some of those wood beams were over 100 meters long and dated to the 13th century. Heat reached 800 degrees C, destroying that forest and the roof. There is also extensive water damage.

Most of the stone is still standing, but every piece of stone and all the mortar joints will need to be carefully assessed for heat damage. The stone vaulting did cave in at three locations; the crossing, which is the center under where the spire collapsed, and in the transepts. The three great rose windows appear to be intact; glass melts at about 1500 degrees C; but every piece of glass and all the lead caming holding it together will need to be examined. Art works are being moved to the Louvre for safe keeping.

So far over €300 million has been pledged for restoration, but it will take much more than that to bring this world treasure back. Our hearts go out to France.