Chimney down to roofline.

We started re-laying brick on the first corses of the chimney today. It’s Belden brick, wire scored with a medium fire. I’ve never laid 20th century brick before and there’s definately a learning curve. The bricks don’t pull as much water from the mortar so it needs to be much drier than what i’m used to flowing for “pumkin” brick.

I finished the front room of the apartment, and started templating some upholstry for the window unit surrond and a corner headboard/shelf for the bed.

shoutout to the optometrist/eyeglass store who threw out a big haul of printed vinyl! Finding uses for it everywhere.
tony montana.
the walls are a mess and it’s not my job to fix them right now. They flat grey did a great job masking most of the imperfections and bringing out the lines in the trim, I expect the same for the bedroom.
first time i’ve had a bed, lamp, and side table in a space that was my own since 2010.