American Brick & Stone Building Corp.

Located in Louisville, KY and Founded by Kurtis Hord, the American Brick & Stone Building Corporation is the culmination of 17 years practice in traditional building preservation by the founder.

ABSBC Provides full service architectural design, building, and maintenance of new and historic traditional brick and stone structures. If it’s a house or building made out of brick or stone, and intended to last for multiple centuries we build and service that.

  • Brick or stone: foundations, fortifications, and retainers
  • Brick or stone: garden walls, chimneys, and monuments
  • Brick or stone: walls for homes and buildings
  • Plaster: interior walls or exterior rendering
  • Limewash and other natural finishes and coatings for masonry

Traditional Roofing & Cornice:

because of our specialties in “old building stuff” we also offer traditional roofing and cornice services both new and historic:

  • Built-in box gutters
  • Cornice fabrication
  • Roof framing and joinery
  • Architectural sheet metal, decorative rainworks and vessels
  • Tailored metal roofing, copper or steel
  • Slate and tile
  • Steeple Jack and rope access

What can we build/maintain for you?