Round built-in gutters

This was my first traveling job, in Hodgenville, KY. This gutter was a mess! Mostly due to lack of maintenance. If it had been kept up it likely would have survived a lot longer.

Most of the time, when you see built-in gutters done by modern craftspeople, they cut a profile pan into segments. You can see this below on the pictures of the lower gutters which were re-done at some point in the 70s. I chose to use a different design, after modeling this and finding the forces of expansion/contraction were working in the opposite direction. With a linear gutter, it expands to the ends however with this assembly it’s technically moving in/out.

There was some carpentry repair required. Lucky for us most of the lookouts were in-tact.
The gutter is made in segments, with a seam similar to what you see on the bottom of a metal bucket, connecting each segment.
January in 2009 was COLD!